The Massage Solution for Gluten Intolerance — Cupping

The Massage Solution for Gluten Intolerance — Cupping
October 11, 2016 No Comments Allergies Anna Kirkpatrick
  • unnamedHave you ever had one of those days where every cell in your body hurts?  Mine started with a bowl of soup the day before.  Little did I know that the soup contained gluten and I suffer from gluten intolerance. Sure, I should have asked if the food was safe for me, but I was on vacation and didn’t speak the language. So I ate it and woke up the next morning with every cell in my body screaming in pain.
  • It was Sunday.  Not a great day for getting a massage but I was able to find a terrific massage therapist who between sign language, charades and sounds like ouch, oww, owie while pointing to my back, neck, hips and a piece of bread, got the point across.I was poisoned. She had a solution. Cupping.What is cupping?

    Massage cupping is an adapted form of traditional Chinese medicine that uses glass or plastic cups that create a vacuum on the skin. Think octopus hickies and you’ve got the idea.

    The glass or plastic cups are moved using various techniques while gently pulling up. The cups can also be left in one spot or on a particular area for a short period of time to promote joint mobilization or soft tissue release. In my situation, it pulled toxins to the surface from my lymph system that caused the gluten intolerance poisoning to escape my system.  So the cupping method is great for releasing toxins and inflammation when blood and lymph are pulled to the surface.

    As I laid there with cups attached, I actually could feel the gluten intolerance pain subsiding. When I was complete, there was no pain left in my body. The result was immediate and lasting and the sensation was indescribable.  I also had octopus looking hickies all over my back that went away in two days.

    Why does cupping sometimes create a hicky effect?

    There is a difference between traditional Chinese cupping therapy and Massage cupping bodywork. The marks left from massage cupping are a desired effect indicating the release of serious stagnation in body that come from stagnated fluids and toxins.  Safe for children, adults and the elderly, a complete assessment is usually done by the therapist before initiating cupping and should be done by a qualified massage cupping practitioner like Val and Anna at Head to Heal Therapy in Bend, Oregon.

    In my case, cupping expelled gluten intolerance toxins from my body.  But it is also good for:

    Loosening adhesions after surgeries

  • Lymph drainage
    Releasing deep tissue issues
    Moving stagnation
    Relieving inflammation (think arthritis relief)
    Stimulating blood flow
    Calming the nervous system
  • In the past when I had a gluten attack, I suffered for a couple of days.  When the effects are gone in an hour, well that is close to miraculous.Now I get regular cupping with my massages at Head to Heal Massage Therapy in Bend, Oregon. One of the side effects from my gluten intolerance is also an uptick in arthritis. So this is a long term solution for me and I am so glad we have qualified Massage folks at Head to Heal Therapy that make getting older easier and life more enjoyable.


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