Massage Your Mind and Reduce Stress With A Great Read

Massage Your Mind and Reduce Stress With A Great Read
October 24, 2016 No Comments Stress Management,What we are reading,Work Life Balance Anna Kirkpatrick

ideaI love getting my own massage. It is what keeps me sane and my body running smoothly. That said, I also love to read. I can kick back and chill. So, how can you massage your mind with a great read?

Here is a list of articles I read lately that underscore how massage is a great solution for anyone – especially women on the go and for people in management positions when stress rears its ugly head.

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Is stress on the job a killer? Boy did that get MY attention. key-to-success

“People often complain that their job is killing them, or that they’re working themselves to death, but new research suggests there may be more truth to those clichés than we realize.

A recent study conducted by Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business found that those who work in high-stress jobs with little control are more likely to die sooner than those who have more control over and balance in their work.”

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How are your work and family life boundaries?  Don’t know about you, but work/life balance is a value of mine.key-to-success

“ One of the biggest challenges for any employee is to establish clear boundaries separating work from home. Many people fall into this trap regularly, bringing their domestic challenges to the workplace and/or making their homes an extension of the office. While doing so may make sense or feel right in the moment, it can have negative repercussions, particularly if done regularly.

People who bring their personal problems to work can face a number of problems. For starters, depending on how often you do this and the nature of what you share, others around you might start to view you negatively, and may come to classify you as a chronic complainer”

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How do you like initiating difficult conversations with the boss, your family or friends?key-to-success

“When you manage people, sooner or later you are in a position where you need to have a conversation that you’d just rather not have.We’ve all been there – something has gone awry, there’s an interpersonal conflict, someone isn’t performing well or an incident has occurred that can’t go undiscussed. It’s easy to make up excuses or reasons to avoid — it was an isolated incident, the person knows what the problem is, someone else is going to discuss it with them, the already feel bad enough, etc.

It might not be the most enjoyable aspect of leadership, but difficult conversations are part of the job, and possibly one of the areas where we learn the most about ourselves and about human nature in general. If you’re dreading a conversation, take these steps to get you started.”

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Pick an article, poor yourself a cup of something warm and comfy and enjoy.

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